Performance & Sport Horse Medicine

Evolution Equine Vets work closely with breeders, riders, trainers and owners of both racehorses and sports horses. We understand both the needs of horse and rider and strive to ensure that your horse can perform to the peak of its abilities.

Inappetence and Weight Loss

In horses frequently travelling to competition, stress and altered eating/drinking patterns can cause increased levels of stomach acid production. This increased acidity can lead to the formation of stomach ulcers. This not only leads to poor performance but also causes pain. In horses where we are suspicious of gastric ulceration, we can arrange for a stable-side gastroscopy with an expert consultant.

Subtle Lameness

This category of lameness often goes unnoticed initially, and only becomes apparent when it begins to affect its horse’s performance. As there are many different structures in a horses leg these investigations can be complex. In most cases we will perform nerve blocks, as this helps to isolate the region causing pain. Further investigations such as Radiography (X-rays), Ultrasound and MRI may be required to find a diagnosis in some cases. We can perform radiography and ultrasound stable side, whilst arranging for referral for MRI.

Cardiorespiratory Evaluation

If you find that your horse struggles to maintain its energy levels and weakens during exercise, a full evaluation of the heart and lungs may be required. On some occasions detailed examination via echocardiography, endoscopy and or dynamic over-ground endoscopy may be required. We can arrange for these services to be performed at an expert referral centre.