Lameness Workups and Diagnostic Investigations

Evolution Equine Vets are committed to providing rapid and reliable lameness diagnosis. Our team of experienced vets and referral specialists work tirelessly to get your horse back on track. We work closely with farriers, saddlers and physiotherapists on a regular basis to ensure a thorough holistic approach for all our patients.

X-rays and Ultrasound performed stable-side

Our Radiography (X-ray) machine is not only new but also top of the line. It is highly portable and battery powered meaning that radiographs can be performed either stable-side or in the middle of a field should the need arise. We are also able to review the radiographs immediately, and in most cases give you a diagnosis during the visit. We also have battery powered ultrasound equipment for rapid and reliable tendon and ligament evaluation.

Surgical Referral

Evolution Equine has close relationships with both independent and hospital-based referral specialists all of whom are happy to help should the need arise. By working alongside the leading equine surgeons in the UK we can provide a high level of care for you horse and continuity throughout treatment.


Our experienced equine vet Heidi is also qualified to provide Acupuncture, which can be given as an adjunctive therapy to those horses receiving conventional medicine. As acupuncture is of course drug free it can be used in competing horses without the risk of disqualification from competition.